About us

In complex industries like ours, trusted partners and trustworthy expertise make all the difference. Monavate is your go-to payment solutions partner. We’ve got the people, tech and approach to make your financial ideas a reality.

People-first payment solutions

Bringing ideas to life today can be complex and time-consuming, not to mention manual and expensive. Everyone’s time, resource, budget and patience are finite.

We know that. Which is why we’re about people-first payment solutions. They’re engineered by people for people. Because let’s be honest, people make payments, and our team are the best at it.

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A better way?

While there’s no such thing as a simple payment system, do things really need to be so hard? We don’t think so. We want to demystify finance, making it accessible to all; simplifying and improving how people pay the world over. We're always searching for better ways.

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Up for your challenge

No matter the size or scale of your idea. Or how many times you’ve been told it can’t happen. We’re up for the challenge.

'Never been done' makes us buzz.

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We care out loud

We aim to change the way our customers feel about getting their ideas to market, through service and support that’s second to none. We care out loud. That’s because we don’t take partnership lightly.

We believe in being generous with our experience, relationships and expertise to create simple, happy paths to market.

Our Executive Team

We're a team of specialists and are committed to keeping it that way. That’s on everything from navigating regulations, scheme rules and partnership contracts, to launching card programme after programme. Your business is in good hands.

There’s no substitute for experience. You’ll find our recommendations solid. They’re future-proofed and rooted in real-word pragmatism – much like our team.

Michael Rolph

Chief Executive Officer

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Scott Lucas

President, Chief Commercial Officer & Co-founder

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Anant Patel

President, Supply Chain Payments

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Elizabeth Barnes

Chief Operations Officer

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Mat Peck

Chief Technology Officer

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David Nyamatore

General Counsel

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Mastercard Accelerate

Designed to make it easier for Fintechs to work with Mastercard through all stages of growth and transformation. Monavate is a Mastercard Accelerate partner.

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Visa Ready

Certified by Visa, trusted by the global payments ecosystem. Monavate is a Visa Ready partner.

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Press and Media
For PR and marketing enquiries, or to find out more about partnering with Monavate, send us a message.